Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plug 2

I've been posting a lot of Star Wars sketches lately, but I wanted to share a unique illustration that I have on my wall. It's a Darth Vader that I commissioned story artist John Hoffman to create. John's one of the sickest illustrators I've met with an amazing character design style. Check out his blog to see some of his latest projects: www.monkeyfeather.blogspot.com

Now my Ralph McQuarrie post card illustrations don't feel so lonely. LOL.


Monkeyfeather said...

Ralph McQuarrie is WAY better.

Thanks for the plug.

shou' said...

Pfft. Show off! :p

Cool Vader! I'm missing the glowing neon pink on his light saber. Nothing is more menacing than an evil sith lord with a hot pink saber!

Awesome Ralph McQuarrie post cards!

Charecua said...

How come I never saw this blog before? Your sketches are beautiful!! Do you mind if I link your blog to mine? XD

Gerald said...

Monkeyfeather - Hahah, no problem on the plug.

Shou - You're the show off! j/k. We'll have to use our imagination for a glowing light saber...wait, Hot Pink?! LOL.

Charecua - Thanks for checking out the blog. Your anime illustrations are very cool.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous
good stuff!

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