Monday, April 20, 2009

Plein Air - Marin Headlands (part 1)

Don't drink the water!!! - Well, at least not the water bottle on the was used to clean my brushes during a Plein Air study with some friends along the beach. Remember, no dumping in the Bay :D

I'll scan my painting tonight...still recovering from that gorgeous warm weather over the weekend.


Cameron Chun said...

Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the pics from Sunday. See ya next time.

Josh Frost said...

thought you might of peed in the bottle and that why you didn't want us to drink in it? Just saying... Haha

Hurry and post the paintings!

yoon see said...

Hi Gerald,

How are you. Love your humorous sharing here" Don't drink that water"
It seems that you are always on your fast, convenient and creative ways out there in serach of great view for doing a great sketch:)

yoon see said...

can't wait for your posts:)

Gerald said...

Cameron - thanks for hanging out to paint in Marin on Sunday. Next time my friend.

Josh - I'm mailing you that bottle as we speak. LOL.

Yoon - there's so much more to explore. And hopefully I can start recording my adventures through paintings :)

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