Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sketchcrawl 22 - Chinatown YMCA

San Francisco, CA - It was a bright sunny Saturday, but a bit windy. Getting a late afternoon start, I hiked up the street from Portsmouth Park and was immediately drawn to the architecture of the YWCA and was up to the challenge of rendering this illustration.
(upper right: from a personal Benicia, CA crawl)

Throughout the afternoon I was greeted by passers-by and curious kids looking over my shoulder. A tenant from across the street was kind enough to inform about the building I was drawing. The YWCA was designed by the famous architect Julia Morgan. The same Julia that designed Hearst Castle and the Fairmont Hotel. Supposedly there's a self-guided museum inside the YWCA, but only open on the weekdays :(

I totally got caught up in my crawl and forgot to grab lunch and dinner?! So I stopped by a local restaurant before my way back to the meeting point. Unfortunately most of the group already left, but I was greeted by Ronnie who stepped in to coordinate because Enrico caught that awful flu bug. I also chatted and exchanged sketch books with cartoon illustrator, Kevin Wood.

Just to give a taste of a Sketchcrawl, please view video footage by Goro. This footage is basically everything, and everyone I missed. LOL.

22nd SketchCrawl San Francisco from Goro on Vimeo.


craig said...

Hey Gerald,
Great image. I'm really diggin the picture in picture feel. Like a wonderfully painted comic. Nice work

gary amaro said...

This painting is wonderful. Great work!

Josh Frost said...

Holly crap thats pretty tight man! Nice job!

enb said...

great painting gerald. san francisco looks lovely until Im reminded of that wind...:)

Tammy said...

I must say that your painting is just lovely and wonderful! especially the stairs.

and you're sooo lucky you got to meet Ronnie..so jealous!

Le Tang said...

Hey great painting... no I missed it this time. I actually didn't even know that it came and went. You sound like you enjoyed yourself.

Isabel said...

great image you made and nice that you gave all that information of the building, thanks for visiting

Amy C said...

fantastic drawing and I love how you painted the sky

Anonymous said...


Pat said...

Great day for all, loved the video. Really captured the day. I wish I could have been there. Thanks for the comment on my house sketches. Now that I know where this site is I will visit often. Thanks again.

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