Friday, October 23, 2009

1st Annual Sacramento Capitol Plein Air Festival - painting 1

My first painting took place on K Street in front the Crest Theater, which has gone by several names in the past and has been refurbished to what we see today. The good news is the auditorium has been kept untouched and still has that 1940's feel.

I don't draw enough urban landscapes so this was quite a challenge. Trying to capture three main landmarks in one sitting seemed far fetched. But I managed to add the Crest Theater Marquee, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Church (top left) and what seems to be a building along the Esquire Plaza (right side).

I was offered by different passerby's free food and a soda during my whole time painting! I've got nothing but love for folks in Sacramento...Thank you.


David said...

This is a very nice rendition of a bunch of Sacramento icons.
-David Peterson

Gerald de Dios said...

Hi David, wish I could have attended more days, but as you know Sacramento is broken up into many sections. So to paint out there again would be a blast.

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