Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sacramento Capitol Plein Air Festival - Quick Draw Results

This was a 3 hours competition that took place between 1:00pm-4:00pm. The Quick Draw event started at the intersection of 10th and J Streets and artists could paint within a five block radius in any direction.

I checked into the Gallery and immediately got a handful of watercolor paper stamped and initialed by the coordinator. My choice of location was the City Plaza Park. After strolling around the park a couple times, I spotted 4 other artists and decided to set up quickly behind the Steven's Monument. With the time constraint I decided to paint on 2" x 3" pieces of watercolor paper.

After spending an hour and a half on the first painting, I had to add change to my parking meter. That gave me about 45 minutes to crank out one more miniature painting.

My next subject was the clock tower facing the opposite side of the park. I wish I had an extra 30 minutes to create some better shadows and contrast, but I needed to get my pieces displayed by 4:30pm for judging. Being the odd ball size of the bunch, I don't think my paintings translated too well against the larger sized canvases.

The theme of the quick draw paintings was "Treasures of the Town" and were displayed for one night during the Gala at the Capitol Art Center and can now be seen at the Sterling Hotel (1300 H Street) in downtown Sacramento until November 21st.

Proceeds will benefit the "LifeSteps Life Skills Training and Educational Programs, Inc", a homeless prevention program serving over 10,000 individuals at 18 sites throughout the county of Sacramento.

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Piya said...

You did these in three hours? Wow. I think they're great. The first one has a really nice storytelling element to it. Great work Gerald!

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