Friday, March 03, 2006

Came across a blog named "Retro Robot Boy" the other day and was truly inspired to draw a couple of robots during lunch. Our company has tons of gadgets and mechanical parts to draw from. Not to mention the gobs of reference material in the library.

So what the heck is its' purpose? Not yet sure...I just like robots...but if I had to choose, I could probably picture this particular robot to be used for observing and capturing data in various terrrains (I lost count of how many seperate parts I was looking at?) Maybe something for NASA's next trip to Mars...great IMAX documentary by the way! The surround sounds was nice & LOUD and the 3D graphics blend in very well with the live footage.


steve said...

Very nice drawing, as you might know of my love for robots. I've got to check out that IMAX special sometime too! Love to see some more someday perhaps.

Gerald said...

Thanks steve, I hope to draw more robots some time. I'm just really amazed at the work ILM concept artist pump out: Warren Fu (creator of General Grievous), Feng Zhu, Doug Chang, and Ryan Church. Maybe I'll just try more of a cartoony robot next time?

As far as the IMAX film for Mars, I think it's still showing, but with limited times. It's because of the new film, "IMAX Deep Sea 3-D". Just saw the preview and this looks just as good.

Might hurry though...I heard that "V for Vendetta" might show on the IMAX screens starting 3/17, which would most likely bump off "Roving Mars: IMAX Experience".

Lori Witzel said...

Excellent robot! I love seeing what folks at MIT are doing with bots -- check out these sties and have fun!

BTW, thanks for your visit -- glad you liked Two-Tone Root. It was the coolest thing how leaves just drifted to one side of that root.

Alina Chau said...

fun awesome design! Nice drawing!

Rrramone said...

Great drawing! I. Love. Ro. Bots.

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