Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thanks Paintmonster!

Just arrived in the mail today...from the ever so kind and talented Marty aka: Paintmonster. I love how his packaging envelopes are personalized with his very own character.

If you have the time, check out his website with numerous links, forums, and wonderful galleries. Or go straight to his online store to purchase your very own 2006 Paintmonster calendar, sketchbook, and framed artwork.


Pat Pakula said...

i love your stuff man. super cool and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Gerald -- I clicked on your blog's link in my sidebar and thought I had a wrong address because I recognized Marty's work. I was just staring at the picture on the screen wondering how I messed up my template! It's a little too early for mind games...and blogging up the coffee is brewing.

Re: Marty, I fell in love with his animated drawings of women and asked him for permission to use two them for my so-far nonprofit Purple Women project. I tried to order the calendar and a piece of framed art online put couldn't get the PayPal to work. Maybe it was too early...

Gerald said...

pat - right back atcha pat, I really dig those backgrounds on your blog. Great stuff.

teri - sorry about the confusion, I really should have added a title before I posted. Sorry about the Paypal problem, hope you were able to work something out with Marty. But to have permission for a couple of his characters for your nonprofit Purple Women project would be great! It's the end of the day...

...need another cup of coffee myself.

PaintMonster said...

Hi Gerald,
I feel glad that you were able to receive a calendar safely.
And your blog is very splendid!!!

Gerald's Sketch Cards

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