Monday, March 27, 2006

Here's that mystery sketch that I mentioned in last week's post. It was successfully delivered to my younger cousin as a belated birthday gift. It's a sketch of her 2 favorite goldfishes...actually her 2 only goldfishes.

Here's a snap shot of it framed before I wrapped it up for delivery.

(previously posted 3-21-06)
A special birthday sketch for a special someone...sorry, can't post just yet. Gotta wait til' Fed-Ex completes delivery. For now, I better work on some "feet" sketches for this weeks Illustration Friday.


The Tart said...

Love the photo...artist at work!

Will have to WAIT for art. ; (

The Tart

Jessica Wong said...

I'm looking at this photo and your profile image, and, yeah that's you sketching and producing wonderful art with your left hand! :)

Mark McDonnell said...

Great skeches man . . . you, you . . .lefty.


steve said...

What a fine and thoughtful gift indeed. The perks of having skills.

melanienyc said...

what a lovely gift!! great work!

Alina Chau said...

That's a lovely painting!! What a special gift! Very nice drawing space. What's that bronze bear toy? It's v cool!

Gerald said...

Thank you everyone for the kudos and comments.

alina - the bronze bear is a "knuckle Bear" from Tower Records. My first...and only vinyl figure. He guards my desk when I'm away on a bathroom break :)

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