Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Are you ready?

Just received my "Galaxy Blue" Sketchcrawl shirt in the mail...just in time for this weekend's Sketchcrawl #21 Jam Session. Order yours here.


Anonymous said...

nice shirt
good luck with the SketchCrawl!

shou' said...

Awesome! Sounds fun. Take pictures :D

Great pieces below. Love the texture of the tree and the composition of it.

Additionally, thanks for tagging me~

Tammy said...

aw. that's ok. there's always another sketchcrawl!
and it's soon i think?
i bought a shirt too. but i didn't see any of the other crawlers wearing one :P

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice man . . . I tried my hand at this for the first time this year. Pretty fun and what a great idea. I hope you are well as it's nice to see your work again. Love the idea of a modbook. WOW! Pretty amazing.

Best to you and I hope you are well,


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