Thursday, January 22, 2009


I recently got clearance to show these storyboards I worked on several months back for a small start-up company in Seattle. The project has been put on halt until further notice. because of a few story re-writes. These boards are in connection with the Hero character that I painted back in September. I was just happy to be able to contribute to a scene. Back in the pre-viz stage, we were hoping for this to become an animated music video with original music and sfx. I still wouldn't mind if this ended up as an animated short.

The 3 colored panels were completed by 2 other artist.


suzanne cabrera said...

Very cool. So glad you were able to show. I especially like the "back to earth" panels....

Shou' said...

I like the storyboard below. It was fun to read. Quick question: Do you use any specific template for the storyboard or just use what you've created on your own?

Anonymous said...

nicely drawn.

kind of story

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