Sunday, January 04, 2009

that's a wrap!

Here's the final illustration
(brush pen over watercolor)

You'll see I've included 2 human shaped forms along the top
of the trunk if they've been taken over and petrified.

Here's how it looks merged with the previous artist illustration

To see the next artist continue the project: Click Here


Alina Chau said...

That's an amazing tree!! V majestic!

bog_art said...

I did once a kind of project like this one, and it was a really fun exercise.. anyway, thanks for the nice comment in my blog.. being honest, I got the still life picture from internet, I just painted it.. Happy happy 2009!..

PS: thanks for the tag my friend!.. I played this game last year and here are my answers:

PS2: I can't believe you got a sign of George Lucas!..

steve said...

Oh man, that's wild stuff. Didn't notice this at first -the human forms. It's a fantastic work, both of these actually!

Christina Dee said...

that tree is awesome!!! the textures, colors and the people in the bark..amazing stuff, one of my favourite pieces from you!

Josh said...

starting to look good my friend!

just got my computer fixed so i plan to some serious updating tonight

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