Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Sorry for the 2 weeks of not posting...I caught that cold bug, practically lost my voice and I'm almost fully recovered. I ended up missing the San Francisco Sketchcrawl event....I heard there may have been a new attendance record of 100+ !

But for now, how bout some photos from MacWorld?

I was invited by the Axitotron Team to help promote the coolest Mac product.....No, not the "Macbook Wheel".....but the new MODBOOK PRO! The first and only Mac tablet.(photo courtesy of famous photographer, SigthorMarkkuson)

Unveiled on Tuesday was the new 17" Modbook PRO with new "Synergy Touch". In other words you'll soon be able to use a stylus and finger touch - AT THE SAME TIME!
(photo property of Axiotron)

But I didn't demo on that.....that was tucked away safely in a protective bullet-proof glass case. LOL. I demo'd drawing in Photoshop & Sketchbook Express on the latest Modbook.
Yeah, that's me cheesing while drawing quick landscape thumbnails for customers. Photo courtesy of story artist Jim Mitchell.

So why is there a crowd developing behind me? And only one little kid pretending to watch me, while listening to her headphones? It's because of this guy....

Here's Steve! No, not that one....the other Apple co-founder - Steve Wozniak (now an Axiotron Board of Advisor). This photo was just after the announcement of Axiotron's latest products and technologies (as mentioned above).

That's not all...the emmy award winning character designer and animator (Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends), Shannon Tindle demo'd some secrets to his character design process.Shannon currently work at Dreamworks

And I finally got to meet another awesome character designer and story artist (Kim Possible and Mighty B), Louie del Carmen. Here's Louie sharing some of his story board process using CS Bridge and Sketchbook Express. It was nice chopping it up with Louie in between demo's.Louie is currently works at Dreamworks

Awesome comic book artist (Beowulf, 30 days of night, Punks), Kody Chamberlain also did demo's throughout the week. Here's Kody taking some time to whip up a caricature. He's such a cool guy and always open to sharing ideas and techniques to his art.

I don't have anymore photos, but here's a couple links to the other awesome artist I was able to work with:
As for me....I've been dabbling in storyboards on a side project, but can't show just yet. Let me get clearance on another project that I boarded a few months back...see if I can share...I'd love some feedback. Thanks!


steve said...

Hey Gerald, glad you got better and was able to attend this event! How i love my Mac powerbook! If only I could afford the extra gadgets. in the meantime, man, I wish we had sketchcrawls like that out my way! WOW!! The scene is pretty weak out here unfortunately. Anyhow, looking forward to your storyboards in the near future. I teach some art lessons to my students, relating comic strips/books to story boards.

craig said...

Hey Gerald,
not only do you get to demo the modbook, but you're hanging with Woz too! Sweet.

Louie del Carmen said...

Nice to finally meet you Gerald! Too bad we didn't have enough time to hang out & chat but maybe next year?

Keep up the great work and see you around cyberspace!

enb said...

that new modbooks makin me drool.
I had $3K for a regular modbook but shoot- that new one is even a bit out of my price range! But looks really really nice...

lepetitdoodler said...

wow! i wanna see what you whipped up for the audience! wish i could've been there... would've been so neat to watch you and all the other artists sketch...

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! How do you like the Pro?!

sandymichelle said...

Gosh that looks like fun. Wish we had things like that here where I live. Thanks for sharing! :)

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