Monday, February 13, 2006

A fun-filled Saturday with tons of food, games, and....face painting. (Justin & Joni's daughter just turned 2 yrs. old). The face painting clown showed up around 4:00pm & happened to set up next to our table. The kids were soooo excited, they jumped out of the huge inflatable super-slide and lined up immediately. So while the kids were requesting butterflies, lady-bugs, and flowers...I decided to make a quick thumbnail on a napkin (below) so that I could sketch it again when I get home.
The blue pencil sketch was tough to capture on the camera...
...Ah, that's better (I ended up changing the hand completely due to the scale issue).
Here's the final watercolored version with a digital gradient background. Went back and forth with the background colors, but settled with the purple/lavendar.


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

thanks for sharing your process, the clown looks very thoughtful, and a little like someone I may know. nice painting

Maria Antunes said...


mer said...

love your "Simple" work.... and enjoy all of your other submissions. great arts!
i am curiously waiting for your "Song" submission...:)

Chloe said...

very fun

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