Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We've always passed by this local Mexican Restaurant and decided to finally try it last night. They definitely had fast service and were not shy about piling on the guacamole & salsa, but the atmosphere was a bit dismal. I ordered small nachos and a burrito, thinking the nachos were just a basket of chips and cheese...but for $3.00, it was so huge, I ended up taking my burrito "to-go". However, I did enjoy the lime soda.


steve said...

It's great how you often incorporate so much food and drink as subject matter for your art. I'm glad I just ate now 'cause I might have been sneaking out the side door to the nearby Mexican eatery.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Hola' thanks for your comments in my secret Quasi Pepper blog... i have lots of paintings etc. of bugs, they have been my favorite subject for years (even before bugs life and all that jazz) if you want you can check out my website sweetleafart.com

can't wait to see your next submit..ppc

Alina Chau said...

Love these travelling paintings!! WOnderful!

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