Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sketchcrawl 8 (part 2 of 2)

It was 20 degrees this morning and still snowing....which meant fresh powder for snowboarders, but not sure how this would affect my sketchcrawl? No choice but to wait until our arrival at the slopes.

We were graced with the sun for a moment, but the snow began to fall again. After the lesson, I headed over to a bench to lay down some colors...the snow actually added a cool effect on my thumbnail sketch (similar to adding salt).

After 4 hours on the slope, we were beat and ready to call it a day. Everyone took a 30 minute break for a dose of Motrin and to re-hydrate before we headed back home.

Since the Okuda's couldn't make the trip with us, they were so kind to have dinner ready for us when we returned. Agatha and her mom were way too kind in preparing all those delicious dishes. Thank you!

I wish we could have hung out a bit longer, but we were all one more game of Donkey Kong Congo then I definitely need to get back home.

I was hoping to end the night watching "Lady Vengence", but decided to take care of my pile of laundry.

Good night, and hope everyone had a nice, long President's Day weekend!


Emma said...

Those snowboarder kids are great! I especially like the one kid whose board is about as big as he is (with the black hat).

Very nice laundry machine, by the way... :)

Bonnie said...

These are really cool! Kudos for setting up watercolors in the snow!
great drawings.

ottoblotto said...

I especially love the drawing of the washers. Well done!

Anonymous said...

G - My husband and I spent President's Day weekend with a bunch of Americans in French Canada, the Mont-Tremblant ski resort! It was 20 below freezing Celcius there...brrrr. This week it is around 20 degrees C - that's below freezing (which is 0 degrees C). Okay, that's my weather lesson for the day.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I really like the images you captures of the snow boarders. It is represents a unique youth culture of our modern world.

Karen said...

You certainly got a lot of grea drawing in ... bonus points for doing it out in the snow ... that's hard!

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