Friday, August 04, 2006

Here's a small b-day gift I painted for my girlfriend.

For years we've always wanted to visit the Berkeley Kite Festival and last weekend just happened to be the event. We saw it off the freeway and decided to get a closer look. The parking was really bad...It's a good thing that the event offered shuttle rides.

Well, we drove into the park and double parked for a few minutes and were amazed at how many people were participating. There were at least 30 kites in the air...not including the 5 or 6 that kids were still trying to get off the ground. But our favorites were the bubble-shaped octopus kites.


Alina Chau said...

what's a cute fun painting!

PaulSketch said...

aaaww thats so cute! Maaaaan I wanted to go to the Bezerk festival but I missed it :(

PaulSketch said...

wait a second, I just looked at your blog (which is amazing) and i realized your all over at art festivals in my area - tell me about them! haha I had no idea this presideo thing existed or the chalk drawing

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