Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here's a small clip of the Modbook put to work during MacWorld. It's a small segment at the beginning that mentions the pens' 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. It's a glimpse at a unicorn design by Steph...

and a little fishy I started painting on Day4 (Thurs).
The final painting will be posted soon.


Francis Vallejo said...

hey man, thanks for the comment! I'm really digging the bookstore doodles!

As for Seattle, I actullay made masonite canvases and shipped them to the motel. Buuuuut it probably would have been cheaper to buy the canvases there..hah. But I met a cool dude from Seattle so he is holding onto them until they dry and them shipping them over.

take care,

Lena said...

Gerald!Many thanks for your kind words!To me it is very pleasant!
Yes, I thought of an illustration..
Good bye!

Gerald said...

Francis - Thanks. Can't wait to see your painting once they're dry.

Lena - good to hear from ya.

by Deco said...

MY Saint yoda!!!,
very, very nice your work,it is unique
Congratulation, your are really a ATRTIST...

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