Thursday, January 17, 2008

MacWorld Expo 2008 - San Francisco Day 4 (re-cap)

Not sure why I decided to draw birds the other day? I may have subconsciously thought of the roosters & hens that my late grandfather used to raise.

Day 4 - I decided to attempt a fully rendered painting today. I was zipping through photos of tropical fishes and gravitated towards the shark family. They're such an amazing species and are known to hit high speeds, breech into the air, attacking their clueless preys (I watch way too much Discovery Channel/Animal Planet). Nothing is creepier than a shark staring you in the face with water reflections trickling over the top of its body.

With answering customer questions and doing this demo on Photoshop, I finished up the painting around 4pm. Someone inquired last minute if they can have it as a wallpaper for their computer, so I cropped the top and bottom....but I wish I made a more creative background.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nice shark
the widescreen effect is a good compliment to the subject

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