Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life Drawing Session

Acrylic on Canvas 9"x13"

First off, Canvas SALE at Aaron Bros. Buy 1 get the 2nd for a penny.

Just received an awesome Holiday/New Year's gift from my AIS alumni buddy, Josh. A perfect addition to my art book collection. It' s not heavy literature, but I've already gone through the first 10 chapters. It's sort of a "back to basics" drawing for animation type information, but I liked the section about "staying loose". I've seemed to have kept that mo-jo going with this latest portrait painting. I liked the way I was able to capture his beard,without painting in every strand of hair.

As for his necklace, I tried to make the mini cross a different color but it drew too much attention. I probably should have added a slight highlight on his necklace because it's totally lost in his chest hair.


steve said...

Keeping it loose--much more difficult than many folks might imagine.Well done work here though--keep it up!

Lena said...

I very much love such portraits! Very artli.Good bye!

Mel Maduro said...

I really enjoy your painting technique, there's a lotta texture to it. Great work!

Gerald said...

Thanks Steve, Lena and Mel for the kind comments. I'm hoping to post more digital art from MacWorld in San Francisco and Sketchcrawl #17 in Chinatown.

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