Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sketchcrawl 17 - Chintatown

Sketchcrawl 17 was held in Chinatown-San Francisco, Ca. The sun was out, but the air was chilly. Here's a sketch of an intense game of cards.
I then moved onto a bridge overlooking the park in one direction and the Transamerican Pyramid Building in another. But the Coit Tower caught my attention. I stayed about 45 minutes before my hands froze from the cold breeze.
I now regret not staying to finish inking the whole sketch, but here's a closer look at what I was able to finish.
I didn't realize how long I was hanging out at the park so I walked onto the main street in Chinatown and looked for a place to eat. I found some food at a nearby corner store. I did a couple sketches while I ate. Here's a few people walking up and down the hill or waiting to cross the street.
Here's the last few sketches on my way back to the park to share sketchbooks.
I missed greeting a few people: Emma, Dice, Amelia and Leeroy (LA). Glad to see Winona, Kevin, Enrico, Ronnie and Nate. Mitch and Jim drove up from Los Angeles. See ya next crawl.


steve said...

Wow, what a great glimpse into your world! Love the top one a lot--the intensity of the moment is well captured here. And architecture is such a challenge for me--wonderful!

Anonymous said...

must have been fun-
although I can feel the
bone chilling cold in the
first two.

the people sketches are brimming
with life/individual personality

Gerald said...

Thanks Steve & Goobeetsblog - It was definitely fun. Maybe next time I'll sketch a bit closer to the group of card players....hopefully they don't mind. The people at the Chinatown park were a very chill and curious group. They would look over your shoulder as you sketched.

Still not sure of the # in sketch artist attendance, but 30 people posted so far. Be sure to check out www.sketchcrawl.com/forum - San Francisco results.

ANTONIO J. M. RIEGO (Quilcacamayoc) said...

Antes de que nada gracias visitar mi Blog...

Tus trabajos son excelentes...
Antes de leer el texto (pues mi inglés no es bueno) al ver esos dibujos me vino a la memoria una vieja serie de TV "las calles de San Francisco" con esas subidas y las bajadas interminables a 45 grados... Luego leí que se trataba de la ciudad de San Francisco. ¡Felicitaciones!

Los otros blogs muy buenos también...

carla said...

Wow - your sketches are just wonderful! I especially admire the detail of the architecture:> Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Gerald said...

Antonio - "Gracias Amigo!" That's the extent of my Spanish. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my previous posts too.

Carla - I really like your mixed media style with bold colors. I'll be sure to check out your updated paintings.

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