Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacWorld Expo 2008 - San Francisco Day 1-3 (re-cap)

Just arrived at the MacWorld 2008 Expo in San Francisco, Ca. It took place in 2 separate halls at the Moscone Center. I'll be working as a promoter for the Axiotron booth, whipping up some digital illustrations on the heavily awaited MODBOOK.

(photo provided by Mitch)

The Modbook is a Mac book laptop with the Wacom technology slapped onto the top. It's not a touch screen, it responds to the pen stylus. The feel is very natural when you draw and write (no delyed response). You'll notice that the the modbook does not open to reveal a keyboard?! That's because there's a virtual keyboard on the screen. Yes, you can still plug in a keyboard into the USB port, but you can also use a wireless keyboard thanks to the built in bluetooth feature. Did I mention it has a built in GPS system? How about the "hand writing recognition" ability? Whoa! Louie was right, this is an incredible machine.

Day 1 - had a chance to settle into the hotel and head on up to get a crash course on the specs and usage of the Modbook. I'll be working along the sides of talented artist: Emma Coats, Kevin Hucek, Steph Labaris and Winona (Nonnie) Nelson.

Day 2 - Wake up...I hear on the news that (since 6am) there has been an extremely long line that went around the corner. Many of you may already know that 9:30am - 10:30am was the anticipated keynote speech by Steve Jobs. So the doors did not open to the public until 11am.

I was still adjusting to all the cool features on the modbook and did more promoting than sketching today. There were attempts on caricature sketches of customers...but I disliked any of them.

Day 3 - The morning crowd was a lot slower than yesterday, so I started sketching a tiny quail as a warm-up.

Then continued working on a rooster.

That takes us into the end of the day. Still feeling good and energized from the unbelievable talents all around me.

To see a full re-cap on this day with photos & art, check out the post on Emma's blog.


Emma said...

I really liked that rooster! I was bummed that I didn't get a chance to say hi at Sketchcrawl... hope you had a good day out in Chinatown!

I also did a thread on the in the sketchbook section that has your two paintings, as well.

Gerald said...

Hi Emma, I'm a little behind in my postings. I'll definitely check out that thread! Thanks so much for doing that.

shou' said...

Hoho. Sounds like a fun modbook. Do you the actual specs of the modbook?

Cool roosters :) Were they completed in a Photoshop environment? In any case they make me hungry for a turkey sandwich.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am not sure if you saw my response, but I'll paste it below for easy viewing.

Thank you. I lay an initial sketch at 100%. Afterwards I'll begin painting from 120-135%. For details, I would zoom around 200-230%. Occasionally I would zoom around 300% if I can't apply details at 200%, but I've read that going beyond 200 is frowned upon by some painters.

Haha. I thought the stem was the only success out of this exercise. Thanks. Actually if you view my animated gif it shows that I was slowly building up the stem; and through the later stages, I was experimenting with different strokes and colors. From both my color choices and strokes I was able to wield a decent result.

Anyway it was purely an accident, sir."

Chernin said...

Wow, you really got the point with the bird's expressions, especially the first one.

There was no luck for me in the carnival poster contest, but I apprecciate your comment very much ;)

Gerald said...

Shou - Both birds were painted directly into Photoshop. The Modbooks we were using had a 2.2 GHz dual core Intel processor and 4 GB of memory.

Thanks for sharing your digital painting process. Not sure why it's frowned upon to paint at 200%, but I guess it depends what kind of work you're doing (Concept Art, Portraiture, etc).

Cherin - I wanted to use playful colors but didn't want the quail to look too cartoony. Although I enjoy drawing cartoon characters as well, that was Steph's specialty. She's awesome.

Sorry to hear about the Carnival poster - it still would look good as a poster in a room.

Lena said...

Greetings Gerald!Thanks!You write to me as the sincere poet. To me it is very pleasant..

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the gig.

Lena said...

Greetings Gerald! Thanks for your comment!
You have the beautiful ,finally made sketches!!You very good artist!!!
Good bye! Lena.Moscow..

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